Integrated Healing

Mar y Sol Wellness was created to reimagine how we engage with healing practices. Using the medicine of modern science and also the knowing of ancestral wisdom, we integrate tools that are designed to soothe and heal holistically.

A beautiful partnership between evidence-based science, and the mystery of ancient wisdom to experience healing the way our ancestors have always known.

Ancla (1:1 Program)

Sacred support for Latine/x practitioners who hold healing spaces for others, as they return to themselves, anchored in authenticity and wholeness.

Ollin (Community)

A collective space centered around ceremony and healing. Ollin is a place to witness others, and receive witnessing in your own unique experience.

Individual Therapy

In a therapeutic setting, Andrea utilizes a variety of somatic (body-centered) approaches tailored to meet the unique needs of the individual.

Clinical Supervision

For master’s students or recent graduates looking to accrue clinical hours towards licensure, Andrea offers an integrative approach in supporting you as the clinician.

Andrea Marisol, Ritual & Nervous System Doula

Andrea (she/her/ella) is a Latine holistic healer that helps people heal trauma & guides them to new ways of being through ritual practice & gentle nervous system work.

Notitas Con Amor

Notes & reflections written with gentle compassion, from my heart to yours.

  • Self-regulation & Struggling to be okay

    ::Heads up: Below is a discussion of gun violence, Christianity, and transgender people. Please take care of yourself and your nervous system FIRST, before proceeding to read anything here. You and your nervous system are far more important than anything I have to say or perceive. :: **Another note: I have a short and simple…


  • Strength & Sweetness

    This morning was a typical challenging morning, that I met with a typical response. My kid wouldn’t get ready for school–didn’t want to brush his teeth. So my familiar response showed up, of course. “If you don’t get ready for school, there won’t be screen time today.” Of course taking away screens, for this child…


  • A Season of Reparenting

    “What a shame” were the words uttered by the professional sitting across from me as we discussed the relationship I had with those who raised me. I walked out of that office feeling opened up, and the hole was too big for me to cover quick enough to get on with my day. What a…


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